Hadspen Quarry is a supplier of hand crafted building and walling stone, Somerset Blue Lias, Architectural Masonry Stone, Fire Surrounds, Flagstones & Floor Tiles, and our newly launched Garden Art Collection.

Our range includes a vast array of local natural stone products, including, Cary Stone, Hadspen Stone, Blue Lias, Hamstone, Bath Stone and Doulting Stone to name but a few!

As a UK supplier of British Natural Stone, we can help make your project beautiful both inside and out. We pride ourselves on being able to supply a first class product with excellent technical knowledge.

Traditionally most buildings have been constructed using locally quarried stone, in areas where this is no longer available, our stone can match existing buildings. When it comes to new builds and extensions, often the stone type and finish will be specified by either your architect or the local planning department in order to match the local environment. Hadspen Quarry can provide samples to Planning Departments, Architects and Builders.


Natural Stone V Reconstituted Stone

When planning your next project, all professionals will tell you the material you use if probably the biggest choice you will have to make. Whilst reconstituted stone may often give you a cheaper initial outlay, the longer term implications should also be considered.

Planners are now more likely to lean favourably towards projects that use local natural stone. Keeping the characteristics of the area is a big thing in Planning Departments, therefore using natural stone helps do this. It also helps the local economy, ensuring local jobs and businesses are kept at a sustainable level and with the Governments push on the localism act, using a local supplier can only be a good thing.

Reconstituted stone in its definition is ‘artificial stone’, I’m not sure about you but I generally am not keen on artificial things – I like the real stuff. The manufacturing process involved with producing reconstituted stone is far more intensive than to produce natural stone.

Whilst it is claimed that reconstituted stone will weather to look like natural stone, the reality is, it does not. It does not have the ‘soul’ of natural stone that can only be obtained from using a beautiful natural product. Natural stone comes out the ground, is cropped or sawn, and used as Mother Nature intended – with nothing added.

Have you seen a 500 year old reconstituted building? Nope, neither have I. Our historic stone buildings prove that natural stone lasts, and lasts well.

We don’t have a mass production line, we don’t churn out thousands of products with no thought to each individual one. Each item that leaves our quarry is individual, all following a quality control process that you just don’t get with mass produced items. And you get just that with our natural limestone – a quality product, with the ability to have it tailored to your needs, not just standard items with standard measurements.

If you want more than just standard, if you want the best, then use natural stone from Hadspen Quarry.

For more information on our natural stone, call us on 07970 937841.