Somerset Blue Lias Stone

As of 2015, we are pleased to announce that we are now excavating Somerset Blue Lias Stone directly from the quarry in Keinton Mandeville, Somerset.  As one of the few suppliers of blue lias we can ensure a constant consistent supply for walling stone, building stone, flagstones, flooring, cobbles, masonry stone, etc… at prices that are affordable and a product that is high quality.

One of only 3 quarries in the UK quarrying Blue Lias Stone, we have a range of bed colours to match nearly any project.

Coursed Blue Lias is excavated in bed heights between 3-8 inches, cropped to a bed depth between 100-150mm, and then guillotined to random lengths. You can chose to have the face left natural, or we can hand dress it for you. This will square the edges giving a uniform straight look to each stone.

Our Blue Lias random rubble walling is supplied with varying heights. This is slightly more time consuming to build with, but once finished gives a rustic natural look.

For more information, please call us on 07970 937841 or email us

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Blue Lias is a stone that is made from a mixture of shale and limestone, laid down during the early Jurassic period, some 180-200 million years old.  The Blue Lias Stone in Somerset gets its blue grey colour from the high iron content contained within its makeup.  It is renowned for the fossils contained within it, fossilised Dinosaur remains  have been found within Blue Lias Stone in Somerset.

Atychodracon (a marine reptile) – Avalonnectes (a small bodied reptile) – Eoplesiosaurus (carnivorous marine reptile) – Stratesaurus (a small bodied reptile) – Thalassiodracon (known a sea dragon!)

It has been used for centuries as a building material in and around Somerset, not only as walling stone but also as flagstones, floor tiles, paving and cobbles.  Blue Lias is used extensively for conservation, restoration and renovation, and is also used in new builds and extensions.  It is commonly used locally to where it is quarried, and Blue Lias Stone is predominant in the areas surrounding, Street, Glastonbury, Somerton and Ilchester, but can be used in other areas where local blue lias stone is no longer quarried and a good match is essential.

Hadspen Quarry is constantly developing its range of Blue Lias Stone products and some of these examples can be seen in our Garden Art Collection