Stone Flooring

Our high quality stone flooring tiles and flagstones are excavated and hand made in our quarry in Somerset. 

We use only British Stone to produce some of the finest limestone floor tiles available in the UK.

We are able to offer a range of stone flooring options in natural British limestone. Interior floor tiles, flagstones, paving and cobbles are always an excellent addition to any project and our natural quarried limestone is produced to a high standard with attention to detail. Please call us on 07970 937841 or email for more information


Flame Textured

A mixture of heat and water is used to produce this finish.


The polished finish is a high gloss smooth finish using a very high grit polishing head.


This finish uses a mixture of friction and water to produce an aged finish.

Smooth Flag

The Smooth Flag is suitable for outside or inside use, but is a thicker tile. We take it from its natural bed and smooth the surface. It gives the appearance of an aged flagstone.

Rustic Flag

The Rustic Flag finish is suitable for outside use due to the thickness of the stone. We take it from its natural bed and refine the surface gently. This is how all flagstones start before hundreds of years of natural aging.


The honed finish produces a classic flat even surface, with a slight sheen. Suitable for any application.

Pin Gun

The surface of the stone is pneumatically pitted to produce a flat stone with even textured finish.

Bush Hammered

The surface of the stone is hand hammered to produce an even textured finish.



Light Blue Lias / Dark Blue Lias

Fossilflerous Hadspen Stone

Fossilferous Blue Lias

Smooth Hadspen Stone

Smooth Blue Lias


Our floor tiles are handmade at our main quarry site in Hadspen, Somerset and are hand finished to ensure consistency and quality. Bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge of working with natural stone, we apply skills from our expert craftsmen to produce anything from a sleek honed tile to an aged flagstone.

Supplied in a standard thickness of approximately 20mm, we are able to offer our customers a range of size and stone type options.

Flagstones are used to create robust and durable traditional floors and pathways. Flagstones have featured throughout the ages in most residential houses and churches.  They are now popular not only in houses, but also in commercial projects adding charm and maturity to any project.

Blue Lias Flagstones are a traditional product well suited for their use internally and externally as paving.

We produce a range of traditional flagstones and stone flooring to suit any project.  Our English Limestone floor tiles come in a range of colours and finishes, with focus on quality we can ensure you get the look you want for your project.

Please call us on 07970 937841 or email for more information