Building and Walling Stone

Building and Walling Stone

Hadspen Quarry provides a range of local natural building and walling stone to suit your needs.  Our walling and building stone range includes Cary Stone, Hadspen Stone, Blue Lias, Hamstone, Doulting Stone.  All the building stone we produce is cut and hand dressed in our own quarry just outside Castle Cary, Somerset in the South West, and is produced to suit your requirements.  The beauty of natural stone supplied in a medium that is quick and easy to build with and also cost effective.

Suitable for new build, renovations, extensions and Listed Buildings our building stone is durable and attractive, providing a beautiful finish to compliment any surroundings.

We own two quarries where we excavate local stone.  Our Keinton Mandeville quarry supplies us with Blue Lias, and our Hadspen quarry provides us with Cary Stone (Hadspen Stone).

Both the Blue Lias and the Cary Stone are excellent building and walling stone, and also lend themselves to masonry products extremely well.

All our stone can be laid directly as it comes – this ensures minimal wastage, decreased build times and no need for a stonemason to be on site.

Dressed Walling Stone

Semi Dressed Walling Stone

Sawn Four Sides

Ashlar Walling Stone

Dry Stone Walling

Dressed walling stone is sawn on bed making it easy to lay, it is then cropped to random lengths and the face is hand dressed giving a natural finish to the face. This type of stone can be supplied as either uniform heights or as random heights, gauged to work with standard blockwork in 3’s, 4’s, 5’s & 6’s (65, 90, 115, & 135 mm). For added aesthetic quality, jumper stones at 9″ (215mm) can also be supplied. Semi dressed walling stone is cropped to a reasonable building size and then hand dressed, giving a natural rustic rubble appearance. This type of stone takes a little more time to lay, but done carefully the results are astounding. Ashlar walling stone is sawn on 6 sides giving a very uniform smooth appearance. This type of walling shows the beautiful natural pattern of the stone. Popular in contemporary and commercial builds, the square edges and even faces give uniform appearance.  Traditional Ashlar Walling would have been used for the most expensive country houses. Cut to order so you can specify the dimensions of the blocks. Our Hadspen dry stone walling is hand picked directly from our own quarry ensuring quality and consistency. There is a skill to laying a dry stone wall, the larger stones need to be placed on the bottom, with the smaller stones towards the top.  No mortar is used in dry stone walling, except for the capping stones to prevent them from being removed.


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