Blue Lias Stone

Quarried in Somerset

Beautiful indigenous natural blue stone for walling, flooring, paving, cladding and architectural features.

Blue Lias Stone

A National Treasure

True Blue Rustic Charm

Quality Supplier of Blue Lias Stone in Somerset

Hadspen Quarry is one of only a few quarries remaining in Somerset where we excavate genuine Blue Lias stone and process it for various construction applications.

Blue Lias stone is one of the most recognisable and iconic building stones that has been used for centuries across south west England and beyond, particularly in manor houses and churches. This beautiful blue-hued limestone is, however, equally at home in modern construction and landscaping, and remains in high demand for new builds, renovations and extensions to period properties.

Some wonderful examples of buildings constructed and floored in Blue Lias stone can be seen in the Somerset towns of Street, near Glastonbury, Somerton and Ilchester. This natural stone occurs particularly in the Somerset, referred to geologically as The Wessex Basin, where our family-run quarry is to be found.

We quarry, process and finish Blue Lias stone to order, and deliver our products nationally on request.

Classy stone for construction or renovation


 Blue Lias stone was formed in the early Jurassic period in prehistoric times, made up of limestone and shale layers which often contain fossils – especially ammonites. It is a fine-grained muddy iron rich type of limestone.

The Blue Lias blocks we excavate from our quarry are generally used for building interior and exterior walls in modern houses, extensions and entrance porches as well as retaining walls, kerbs and steps in gardens.  It is also sourced to be used in older properties where this stone is no longer quarried I.e., Warwickshire, Stratford-on-Avon etc.

We can cut and finish Blue Lias building and walling stone to your specifications for a multitude of uses, including replacement and renovation of historic Blue Lias structures. This beautifully hued stone looks particularly striking when set with cream-coloured lime mortar and contrasted with window surrounds of limestone with a different hue.

Sustainable Stone Quarrying Operation


Hadspen Quarry has been mining Blue Lias stone and other local natural stone since the 2003, so there’s not much we don’t know about building and working with stone. We have a passion for stone, and are always happy to offer advice and share information to help our clients – commercial or individual DIYers – find the perfect stone for their project.

We use the greenest quarrying methods possible to ensure a sustainable operation, recycling all our waste and using recycled water in our saws for example.

Besides supplying high quality building, walling and flooring stone we also offer a traditional stone masonry service. Our workshops create stunning stone architectural features for all sorts of buildings.

We can arrange deliveries locally and Nationwide, please contact us for a quote.

Types of stone we can supply

Sourced from our Hadspen quarry

Available in a range of bed colours and heights

Skill and quality

As one of only 3 quarries in the UK capable of quarrying Blue Lias stone, we have a range of bed colours to match your requirements. We excavate coursed Blue Lias in bed heights between 3-8 inches, cropped to a bed depth between 100-150mm, and then guillotined to random lengths. You can choose to have the face left natural, or we can hand-dress it for you. Our Blue Lias random rubble walling is supplied with varying heights. This product takes slightly longer to build with but gives a rustic natural look once finished. In addition to our range of Blue Lias products, we can also supply Hamstone, Cary stone and more for customers in Dorset, London, Hampshire and across the UK.

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